About Us

Welcome to Adrienne Chinn Design, where artistry, innovation, and business acumen unite to transform spaces into immersive experiences. Helmed by the visionary Adrienne Chinn, our studio seamlessly blends interior design and art, crafting environments that inspire and elevate. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for the arts, Adrienne brings a unique perspective to each project. What sets us apart is our ability to fuse creativity with practicality, creating interiors that not only captivate but also enhance functionality. From homes to offices, our comprehensive services encompass concept creation, spatial planning, art curation, and business-focused design solutions. Our collaborative approach ensures that each project reflects the client’s personality or brand identity, inviting you to embark on a design journey where every space tells a story. Welcome to Adrienne Chinn Design – Where Every Space is a Captivating Masterpiece.